Sunday, December 12, 2010

Awareness starts with "U"

Ok, so I can spell (I did watch my share of Sesame Street) and I do know that technically "Awareness" starts with the letter "A"... But, the kind of awareness I'm talking about does start with you.

Lately I've noticed a lot of discord happening amongst IC patients. Much of it seems to be positioned around awareness. Just felt the need to launch my two cents out into the galaxy.

First of all, I truly believe all IC patients can agree on two thing-

ONE- Having Interstitial Cystitis (or chronic pelvic pain of any type) is not an ideal life. It is painful, debilitating and often depressing.

TWO- There is definitely a need for awareness about IC. I'm sure that the level of awareness has greatly increased in the past 10 years, but there is still a need to get the word out.

I suppose there are some asking "Why? Why should I be worried about awareness? I was already diagnosed & my life sucks." Well, there are still many benefits to be had with IC becoming a more recognizable condition. Diagnosis will be quicker (and hopefully less painful) for new patients. More donations means more money, which means more research, more treatment options, maybe even a CURE. We could see better prescription coverage from insurance. Faster approval for disability or social security payments for those who need them. Better understanding of the pain we suffer and increased sensitivity to our needs.

Why I believe IC Awareness starts with you- You can make it personal! I truly believe this is one area where making it personal has positive benefits. You are putting a face with a problem. People will be more likely to donate, to support, to understand, even to educate when they know someone who has IC.

Nothing has instant results, and we're talking about something that has taken years, and probably will take continue to take years, to accomplish! Just because something is hard does not mean it isn't worthwhile.

It only takes one to make a positive difference... Will YOU be that one?

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