Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vulvadynia SUCKS.

I hate having vulvadynia. I hate it more than IC times like a billion.

I can handle IC. Peeing every 20 minutes. Feeling like you're peeing glass shards. Spending every spare moment hugging a heating pad. Being in a bitchy mood EVERY single second of the day because your life sucks. Yeah, I can actually handle that. I've done that.

What the doctor ordered!

About 6 months ago I stopped going to our support group meetings. Mainly, for two reasons- One, I felt pretty good most of the time, and being there made me feel sorry for the people in pain. Two, because the group is at a Urology group different from the one I use for IC treatment, and I decided I was tired of hearing people slam my doctor.

At first is was just a mild annoyance, but it started to add up, and it made me start to think negatively about my Urologist.

Thankfully, my husband was there to be my sounding board, and we were able to figure out why I was annoyed with the meetings, and why it was better that I not go. We also discovered that my doctor has helped me so much with me just following her advice, and that it was worth continuing to use her for my Urologist.